What is the Problem?

Approximately 2.75 Million Tons Of Food Is Wasted In Taiwan Every Year; Yet More Than 350,000 People Are Below The Poverty Line, Suffering From Hunger.

Businesses And Households Produce Around 3000 Tons Of Food Waste Everyday: 1500 Tons Are Used As Animal Feed, 500 Tons Are Used As Fertilizers And More Than 1000 Tons Are Simply Thrown Away. 

Taiwan Produces 20% More Waste Per Person Compared To Other East Asian Countries (Japan, Korea And China) And 8.7 Times More Waste Compared To Southeast Asian Countries.

The Wasted Food Is Enough To Feed The Population In Hunger For 20 Yrs: There Is More Than Enough Food To Eliminate Hunger, But The Cost Of Re-Purposing Unwanted Food Material Is Too High For Industries To Maintain And No Adequate Facilitator To Move The Resources From Suppliers To Users.