We Currently Collect 216 Tons Per Year Which Is 0.008% Of The Total Food Waste (Estimation Based On 2015)

Short-term Goal (2016):

Rescue 0.1% Of The 2.75 Million Tons Of Food Waste In Taiwan (2,750 Tons)

Donor Focus: Build Strong, Trust-Based Relationship With Current Donors To Establish Long-Term Partnership And Get Them To Recommend Us To Other Potential Food Donors

Client Focus: Establish Local Branches To Decrease Transportation Time; Build Direct Donor-Client Donations For Small, Regular Donations

Mid-term Goal (2017):

Rescue 1% Of Total Food Waste (27,500 Tons)

Donor Focus: Establish Connections With Supermarkets And Local Markets To Reduce Waste From Retailers; Advocate For The Passage Of A Comprehensive Good Samaritan Law To Protect Donors’ Rights

Client Focus: Establish School-Based Food Banks To Support Low-Income Students (Decrease Working Time To Increase The Quality Of Education)

Long-term Goal (2020):

Rescue 10% Of Total Food Waste (275,000 Tons)

Donor Focus: Establish Direct Partnership With Farmers And Producers

Client Focus: Include Home Delivery To Extend Service To Individuals With Disabilities Or Limited Mobility

Full Potential:

Rescue 30% Of Total Food Waste (825000 Tons)

Donor Focus: Have Strong, Long-Term Partnerships With Retailers, Wholesalers, And Producers To Eliminate All Possible Food Waste

Client Focus: Free Job Trainings/Job Opportunities For The Unemployed Or Socially Vulnerable Groups To Lift Them Out Of Poverty; Education On Eliminating Food Waste At Every Step From Producers To Consumers




Jan 22 :     Established Fei-Yang (飛揚) Food Bank, Kaohsiung As Our First Local Branch.

Aug 27 :    Recertified By The Global Foodbanking Network For A 2-Year Membership.

Oct 1 :        Recruited Fall15’ College Volunteers With Backgrounds In Social Works, Visual Arts, Journalism, IT, Marketing, Sociology, And Photography.

Oct 16 :     Published First Edition Of Our Educational Magazine On Food Waste Reduction And Management.

Nov 1-4 :   Participated In International Foodbanking Conference To Obtain International Allies.



Feb :        Advocate For The Good Samaritan Law Through Lobbying And Increasing Citizens’ Awareness.

Mar :        Establish 2nd Local Branch (In Northern Taiwan).

June :      Begin The Planning Process For School-Based Food Banks.

Sept :      Establish Partnership With One Supermarket Chain And Set A Good Example So Others Would Follow.


After 2016

Set Up A Detailed SOP For Food Banks That Want To Join Our Foodbanking Network To Ensure That All Food Banks In Our Network Follow The Same Standards.

Establish Partnerships With Producers In Region That We Have Local Branches In.

Establish Job Training Programs, Including Culinary Arts, Warehouse Management, And Basic Administration.