A little bit about us:

Instead Of Going Through The Trouble Of Finding The Right Agencies To Donate The Surplus Of Products, We Serve As A Solution To The Problem.

The Taiwan People’s Food Bank Association Is A Central Food Collection And Donation Network That Customizes Donations Based On Beneficiaries’ Needs To Prevent Further Waste. Our Organization Has The Capacity To Accept Large Quantities Of Overproduced Goods For Redistribution. Other Than Transportation, We Run On The Principle Of Not Purchasing The Donation Goods. We Have Certified Professionals Who Can Determine The Legitimacy Of The Partnering Agencies And Distribute Food Based On Agencies’ Need.

Besides Eliminating Food Waste From The Source, At The Same Time, We Can Also Stimulate The Country’s Economy. By Turning Waste Into Useable Goods, Costs In Waste Management For Businesses Are Reduced. Moreover, Hiring Socially Vulnerable Groups Into The Organization Will Pull Them Out Of Poverty Permanently. 

What sets us apart:

We Are A Certified Member Of Global Foodbanking Network. We Represent Taiwan As A Country In The Network Of 33 Countries With More Than 200 Food Banks. By Being A Certified Member, We Can Attract Both Local And International Donors. We Are One Of The Few NPOs In Taiwan That Hires Staffs With International Backgrounds And Can Communicate Effectively With Donors And Professionals Across The Globe

Business Operations:

Our Communications And Marketing Team First Establishes A Mutual Trust-Based Connection With The Donors (Restaurants, Food Processors, Producers, Government, Etc)

The Donation Is Delivered To Our Warehouse, Either By The Donors Or By Our Own Staffs And Volunteers.

The Warehouse Inventory Team Then Checks The Donation Based On The International Food Safety Guidelines (Provided By The Global Foodbanking Network) And Enters The Donation Into The Food Bank’s Inventory.

Finally, The Social Service Case Managers Match The Donation Received With Our Partnering Agencies Based On The Number Of Clients And Clients’ Demographics.